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Letter re bloodsports coverage.

Posted on January 29, 2010 at 2:07 PM



I do believe that some common ground may at last have emerged between those ofus opposed to bloodsports, and those who frighten and kill animals for fun. Irefer to recent calls by members of the hunting fraternity for more mediacoverage of their so-called sport.

Byall means, let's give more publicity to hunting and coursing! But instead ofthe picture postcard type images which the media is so fond of using to portraythese bloody pass times, how about showing the public these activities in alltheir gory reality.


Instead of cute pictures of moist-nosed hounds and jollyhunters partaking of the stirrup cup, let us have some pictures showingterrier men, shovels and probes in hand, retrieveing a dis-embowelled foxfrom its covert, or their pink-jacketed superiors swinging a half-dead fox bythe tail just before they toss it to the waiting pack of bayinghounds. How about some full colour images of a hunted stag lying in aditch exhausted and bloodied from injuries sustained during the chase,or some glossies of a pile of broken-bodied hares bludgeoned to deathafter they were injured during a coursing meeting.


If these were the images of hunting and coursing which appeared in the Irishmedia, then there is little doubt that discussion of such activities would betaking place in a historical context only. For it is my firm belief, that nofully-informed, civilised society would continue to tolerate such barbarism inthe name of sport.




Nuala Donlon


Co. Roscomon

086 - 3985761


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