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Posted on January 21, 2011 at 6:50 AM

. Wildlife Monitors needed


Dear Sirs,

The WARD UNION stag hunt is now banned. Mounted Fox hunting, hare hunting, beagling and the shooting of many of our native birds andwildlife continues to be legal. To enable us to monitor these activities weneed more ordinary people living especially  in Meath and County Dublin tophotograph hunters on public roads. This is perfectly legal and enables us toknow the extent of hunting that is now taking place. We also requireinformation on the whereabouts of any Red deer seen in the fields.

We ask people to join us in helping wildlife to survive thewidespread hunting that is widespread in Ireland. We simply ask you to carry acamera, while out walking, to keep one in your car or to just be vigilant whenyou encounter a situation involving innocent animals. Our volunteers need helpas we cannot be everywhere. Photographs or video footage from people all overIreland is also welcome.

Ireland’s wildlife does not belong to anyone. They share theplanet with us, hunters just use them as sporting targets because they can.Help us to help them. We also thank those of you who regularly forward vitalinformation anonymously.



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