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Posted on January 17, 2010 at 8:22 AM

: Helping Non-humans & Humans in Haiti

Hope this helps those that want to help humans andnon-humans in Haiti without compromising your ethics or the animals. Thereare more options on the below links...

Emergency/Disaster Relief in Haiti: Animal Rescue &Animal-Friendly Resources -

Extensive List of organizations, etc. helping in Haiti


Helping Haiti the Vegan Way:


In Defense of Animals - Animal Disaster Relief Fund fornon-humans in Haiti. Donations can be made below...they will go to help animalsin Haiti. IDA is part of a coalition formed of international animal groupsgoing to Haiti to help non-humans. Please don't forget them during thisterrible time.


Doctors without Borders - Medical Aid in Haiti ONLY..nostrings attached (no preaching in exchange for medical care...just much neededmedical help!). They have been in Haiti already for 19 years!!


I ♥ Haiti fundraising t-shirt from Herbivore ClothingStore -- ALL proceeds will go to Haiti...


Vegan Food Relief for Haiti..."We are happy to announcethat Food for Life Global is currently setting up a base of operations innearby Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic, from where we will store foodsupplies and support our vegan food relief program in Haiti once webegin." More info & updates...


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