Campaigning for an end to all blood sports and using direct action to help save hunted animals.


Blooding in the Irish greyhound industry was best summed up by John Martin in 1994. His frank and shocking article followed an infamous blooding case in Tipperary, when investigative journalist, Donal McIntyre, filmed greyhounds being blooded with live rabbits at a private track.

In the article, Martin stated that "the bald truth is that greyhound racing would not continue to exist without blooding. It follows that, with a constant greyhound population of close on 30,000, blooding must be widespread."

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Hard Evidence of abuses, breaches of the Wildlife Act, and indefensible cruelty in Hare Coursing

Hard Evidence of abuses, breaches of the Wildlife Act, and indefensible cruelty in Hare Coursing

Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports (CACS)
Lower Coyne Street,
Callan, Co. Kilkenny
Phone: (056) 7725543

Dear Deputy,

Further to our letter to you of August 31st re. breaches of the Wildlife Act (1976) by coursing clubs, we draw your attention to the following abuses uncovered by state wildlife rangers who attended specific coursing events during the 2006/2007 season.
We challenge any member of Dail Eireann to review these reports, all of which can be verified by contacting the Wildlife Service, and then still deny that hare coursing amounts to a breathtaking act of barbaric cruelty.
Replacing the live hare in coursing with a mechanical lure could easily eliminate this cruelty. Drag coursing provides a viable and humane alternative, as it did in Australia when live coursing was banned in that country.

The evidence cited below certainly strengthens the case for not granting the ICC a license to capture, course, and kill hares over the next six months.
(All extracts from official National Parks & Wildlife Service reports obtained by ICABS under the Freedom of Information Act.)

Tradaree, Co. Clare (13/14 January 2007)
Ranger stated that five hares were mauled on day 1, with one dying instantly. The following morning, it was discovered that four hares had died overnight and two were injured. One was put down and the other released after veterinary attention. During the second day's coursing, three hares were mauled, with one dying instantly and two more put down later after being found with serious injuries, while another hare was found dead after the coursing meeting, which brings the hare death toll at this meeting to 10.

Westmeath United (14/15 October 2006)
Ranger reported "three hares that were badly mauled were placed in a box by the field steward." When the coursing was over, she "watched as the steward carried the box towards the escape." She was "concerned that these hares were about to be let back to the enclosure without examination by a vet. Due to the severity of the mauling," she said, it was "likely that these hares would have had internal injuries," in her opinion. On day 2 of the meeting the conservation ranger noted that four hares were hit, two of which were caught by dogs through their muzzles. She stated that one hare, which was tossed and badly mauled, having been caught through the muzzles by the dogs, "squealed with distress and/or pain and was taken up by the steward and carried to the escape and released back into the enclosure without examination by a vet on the day."

Tubbercurry & District (28/29/30 October, 2006)
There were 7 hares hit and mauled on day 1, two of which were killed; on day 2, 5 hares were hit and mauled, while 9 hares were hit on day 3, with 1 hare having to be put down because of its injuries.

Roscommon (26/27 December 2006)
Ranger stated that 13 hares were struck, with 1 put down because of injuries. Ranger also stated that when he was supervising release of hares following coursing meeting in Roscommon, "one hare was unable to escape due to serious injuries. The hare had a badly broken hind leg and seemed to be in great distress." The ranger destroyed the hare humanely.

East Donegal (30/31 December 2006)
There were 5 hares struck by dogs, 3 of which died due to their injuries.

South Clare (26/27 December, 2006)
Six hares were hit over the two days of coursing, with 1 killed outright, and 3 dying afterwards from their injuries, according to NPWS report.

Ballyheigue, Co. Kerry (14/15 October, 2006)
There were 5 hares hit over the two days, with 2 being put down and 2 dying of "natural causes", according to the conservation ranger.

Castleisland (29/30 October, 2006)
There were 4 hares struck by greyhounds, 1 killed and 1 put down as a result of its injuries, while 1 died of "natural causes".

Lixnaw, Co. Kerry (4/5 November, 2006)
The conservation ranger did not attend the first day of coursing. He noted 3 hares struck by greyhounds on second day of coursing, with 2 having to be put down because of injuries.

Listowel, Co. Kerry (11/12 November, 2006)
The conservation ranger stated that 2 hares were struck and one died of "natural causes".

Ballyduff, Co. Kerry (18/19 November, 2006)
4 hares were hit over the two days, with one having to be put down due to injuries. The ranger commented on the "very bad weather and heavy rain".

Kilflynn, Co. Kerry (2/3 December, 2006)
There were 3 hares hit by greyhounds, with one dying of "natural causes". Ranger stated that due to the very heavy rain over the previous week, parts of the field were "heavy going".

Castletown-Geoghegan, Co. Westmeath (16 December, 2006)
Ranger stated that 4 hares were struck by greyhounds, with three being injured.

Dundalk & Dowdallshill (26/27 December, 2006)
NPWS conservation ranger attended event for one day only and reported 4 hares killed, and a further 3 injured hares were sent to a vet for assessment.

Trim, Co. Meath (4/5 November, 2006)
According to conservation ranger's report, 10 hares were hit by dogs over the two days of coursing, 5 injured, one of which died due to injuries. 4 hares were unaccounted for.

Killimer-Kilrush, Co. Clare (25/26 November, 2006)
Nine hares were hit by dogs over two days of coursing, with one hare being killed and one hare dying "after running up the field uncoursed", according to NPWS report.

Milltown-Malbay, Co. Clare (28/29 October, 2006)
Ten hares were hit over the two days of coursing.

Rathkeale (25/26 November, 2006)
2 hares killed, according to ranger's report.

Dungarvan (16/17 Nov. 2006)
The ranger noted two hares carrying injuries: "one hare was carrying a hind leg and one had a damaged hind toe."

Liscannor, Co. Clare (30 October, 1 November 2006).
Five hares were hit and 1 put down because of its injuries, and also another put down, "which appeared dull", according to Ranger.

Cappoquin (11/12 Nov. 2006)
Three hares were struck by dogs.

Balbriggan (25/26 November 2006)
Three hares died from injuries received following being struck by muzzled dogs.

Abbeyfeale (28/29 December 2006)
Five hares were struck, according to Ranger's report.

Clonmel (5/6/7 February 2007)
4 hares were struck, according to Ranger's report.

End of reports.
Thanking you,
John Fitzgerald,
Campaign for the Abolition Of Cruel Sports (CACS)

Press release: CLONMEL COURSING FUTURE IN DOUBT….there is a god!



The AOHS is pleased to hear of the financial difficulties of the Irish Coursing Club due to a court ruling that it must pay damages to a land developer Greenband Investments, on the eve of the 2009 ICC final in Clonmel.

Despite strong public opinion which favours an end to this outdated and barbaric pursuit, Coursing is still hanging in there, the pastime of the minority cloth-cap brigade. Hare Coursing is carried out for pleasure and gambling purposes.

Department of the Environment Minister John Gormley angered animal campaigners last year when he went against his party’s policies and not only renewed Coursing licences but also granted the coursers extended time.

Coursed hares suffer significant stress by being fenced in and coursed. Also the evidence to the Burns Enquiry in the UK from Coursers themselves admit that muzzled coursing can cause more stress than un-muzzled coursing if the officials are unable to reach the injured hares quickly enough, Video evidence supports their statement.

‘For our part in the AOHS,we  believe thousands of animals are suffering deliberate cruelty because of legalised bloodsports.

 All animals (not just humans) are entitled to and deserve the right not to be tortured or used. We call for an end to all animal violations and applaud whatever event or happening that hastens that end.’ Bernie Wright spokesperson.



From: John Fitzgerald


Sent: Sunday, March 04, 2007 8:23 PM

Subject: hares in illegal captivity


National Parks and Wildlife Dept.,

7, Ely Place,

Dublin 2. 

Re. Hares in unlawful captivity on grounds of County Carlow Coursing Club

Dear Ms. Mulleady,

I wish to draw to your attention the fact that hares are being held illegally in captivity on the grounds of County Carlow Coursing Club at Fenagh, County Carlow.


This information was furnished to me by a reliable source within the coursing club. I have had the information checked and can confirm for you that is correct.What I find disturbing, apart from the fact that these hares are being held in breach of the Wildlife Act, is that wildlife rangers have been aware for some time of this obvious breach of the Wildlife Act and yet have failed to take action.


This is a very serious matter that will, we hope, be the subject of a separate investigation by officials of the Department of the Environment, Heritage, and Local Government.Would you please see to it that 1) all the captive hares are released IMMEDIATELY, and 2) that County Carlow Coursing Club is prosecuted under the relevant legislation for the offence?

In the event of action not being taken on this issue by Monday (March 5th) evening at the latest, CACS will be exposing this scandal in the local and national media. We propose to circulate detailed press releases highlighting the failure of the Wildlife Service to protect those hares at Fenagh. Rest assured that this scandal will be subjected to the full glare of public attention.


Thanking you for your attention, 


John Fitzgerald,

Campaign for the Abolition Of Cruel Sports (CACS)

Irish Coursing

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A DEVELOPER has brought a legal action against the trustees of the Irish Coursing Club aimed at enforcing an alleged agreement for the sale of the club’s interest in lands adjoining its premises in Clonmel, Co Tipperary.

Greenband Investments claims that if it cannot show title to the lands at Davis Road, Clonmel, a planned €31 million retail development in the area will be in jeopardy.

Ms Justice Mary Finlay Geoghegan yesterday admitted the proceedings by Greenband, Mount Kennett House, Henry Street, Limerick, to the list of the Commercial Court.

In its action, Greenband claims it made a written agreement with the ICC trustees in March 2008 to buy the lands at Davis Road, Clonmel, for a sum of €100,000 and had paid a deposit of €10,000.

Under the agreement, it says it entered on to the lands and carried out certain excavation works costing some €75,000 adjacent to the ICC’s own premises and that the ICC had agreed to those works.

It claims that, on April 28th last, the defendants had written to Greenband’s solicitors saying they had decided not to proceed with the land sale and asking Greenband to cease its works and reinstate the lands.

Greenband claims the ICC has been aware at all times the purchase of the lands was part of a larger scheme of development by Greenband. It claims the agreement with the ICC was entered into with the intention of facilitating the development scheme.

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This article appears in the print edition of the Irish Times


Lure Coursing in Alaska

The Schedule for lure coursing this weekend at the Fairgrounds is as follows:
Friday, August 8 - ASFA Certifications - approximately 8:00 p.m.
Anyone camping out can arrive any time after 6:00 p.m.
Saturday, August 9 - ASFA Trial - Entries Close at 8:00 a.m.
Roll Call at 8:30 a.m.
 Sunday, August 10 - 3rd Annual All-Breed Fun Trial - Entries Close at 12:00 Noon
Roll Call at 12:30 p.m.Fun Trial Starts at 1:00 p.m. Jacobsen Memorial Challenge Cup Runoff Immediately
After Fun Trial Fun Runs Afterwards, Weather & Equipment Permitting
Any fun runs after the Fun Trial will depend on how many folks volunteer to help pack up the field.
Those that can stay and help (it's not as extensive this year as has been in previous years) will be
able to run, those not willing will be charged $10 per run, per dog. If you need any information, I will be available by e-mail until 5:00 p.m. Friday. After that, please call our cell phone at 775-3155.
Sue Ann

Here are the ASFA premiums for July 26th .doc  .pdf and August 9th .doc  .pdf. Here are the JC Premiums for August 1st and 2nd .doc .pdf. If you would like to have an Alaska Winds Coursing Club email address (i.e. please send an email to me at