Campaigning for an end to all blood sports and using direct action to help save hunted animals.

Misinformation about the Greyhound Industry being fed to Senators


Segment of discussion:DENIS O DONOVAN FF.. A trainer may have a number of bitches on his premises for the sole purpose of racing. Such a person would be licensed by the IGB, the Irish Greyhound Board, and upon the conclusion of a racing career the owners take charge of his or her greyhound. In such cases, the trainer is not managing greyhounds for the purposes of breeding per se. Some of these points are very valid and should be considered. It should also be remembered that under current coursing rules and regulations, all stud dogs and brood bitches are DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid, profiled. There is a register of all matings and litters born, the adult greyhound name and transfers of ownership etc. These points should be borne in mind.

He stated

…...>>>>>all stud dogs and brood bitches are DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid, profiled

FACT: Brood Bitches are NOT DNA profiled.

When greyhounds go to stud ,before registration they do DNA profiling. Brood bitches are not DNA profiled at all.


……..>>>>>and upon the conclusion of a racing career the owners take charge of his or her greyhound.

FACT; Tens of thousands of greyhounds who are too slow or surplus to requirements are strayed, dumped in dog pounds, drowned, mutilated and found dead and alive with their ears burned or cut off. This is to avoid their responsibility towards the animal they have used for their financial gain.This is the truth of the situation which is even now more exasperated by the recession. A large percentage of ‘owners’ throw away young healthy dogs to breed other faster ones. This is inherent in this Industry and cannot be refuted.

See Ireland section for facts on abandoned greyhounds.

We call on the Senator to get his facts right before he makes more ill informed contributions to distort the Bill in question. Microchipping is vital to insure accountability for greyhounds.




Can we account for over 60,000 dogs?


The Hunting Association of Ireland is a not-for-profit, all-Ireland body.  It covers all-Ireland because the designated hunting countries of some hunt clubs traverse the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.  The Association comprises six distinct bodies which are distinguished by either the type of hound used in their particular form of hunting or the quarry (fox, hare, mink or stag) that they hunt.  These distinct bodies are:

Irish Masters of Foxhounds Association (IMFHA)

Irish Masters of Harriers Association (IMHA)

Irish Foot Harrier Association (IFHA)

Irish Masters of Beagles Association (IMBA)

                        Irish Masters of Mink Hounds Association (IMMHA

Ward Union Stag Hounds (WUH)                

Collectively the Hunting Association of Ireland represents over 250 individual hunt clubs scattered throughout the 32 counties of Ireland and it forms a significant part of the approx 300,000 field and country sports people represented by FACE Ireland not including the huge support experienced from amongst the wider farming and rural community.  

The HAI Chairman says

‘Many of the hunt clubs have been breeding hounds for generations. In fact, some have stud books that can trace the lineage of hound breeding back for centuries. These hunts take great pride in the condition of their kennels and breeding records.

An appalled HAI chairman Gavin Duffy said: "This beggars belief when it is considered that these bodies have control of over 60,000 dogs/hounds and with over 300,000 people involved’.


The AOHS have decided to try and count the numbers of hounds from the hunts own publications.

Approximate Amount of hounds in packs as per Irish Field Directory.

Foxhounds:   1428

Harriers:         886

Beagles:          299

Bloodhounds:     35

Staghounds:      50

Minkhounds       not known/3 Packs. [possibly 60 dogs]


                     2698   Total hounds in IMHA AFFILIATED packs (couples} equals 5396 dogs


·         Questions that need answering


·         So if approximately 5-6,000 hounds are in the hunting packs, where are the other hounds?


·         What are the others used for [55,000 dogs?]


·         Are the surplus kept as spare HUNTING dogs?….hardly.


·         How many are breeding females.?


·         Are these others kept in hunt kennels?





We spoke to a Veterinary Surgeon in County Meath some years ago who was engaged by two local hunts. Casually he told us that 30 dogs in each of those hunts were killed each year.

 When asked why and if these dogs were injured or ill he said no, but some might have uterus problems from breeding but that was all.

So if 30 dogs on average per hunt are killed ,that figure multiplied by the total of affiliated and non-affilliated hunts  , stated above by the HAI as 250 hunt clubs equals 7500 dogs killed  and disposed of annually.

Hounds are killed when they cannot do their job. No figures are available .In reality hounds are tools of a cruel trade- tools to be callously disposed of as soon as they are worn the time the hounds reach about five years they are considered to be too old and are taken to a Vet or shot by the hunters themselves. This is to ensure the best hounds are left to provide entertainment for those who hunt.

The hunt say hounds cannot be domesticated or rehomed, despite many being homed by rescues.

They say the kindest thing is to kill them! Kindest or most convenient?

Other information from UK activists files.

Hounds are "drafted" to other packs in the UK. Basically one hunt might dump hounds that they don't want on other hunts. This then leads to the other hunts doing the dirty work of shooting the hounds that probably aren't too good at hunting. Of course surplus hounds, hounds donated to packs just setting out (eg the Newmarket beagles was comprised totally of drafted hounds), key hunt personnel moving to other hunts taking their favourites with them, etc all count for hound movement. Of course they breed between packs too, a fine example being mixing English fox-hounds with Welsh ones. Money might change hands but I've not heard of it, things might be different in Ireland though.


SO the hunters say!!!!!

We say Yes they are……

HAI website,

‘Classification of Hunt Kennels as Commercial Dog Breeding establishments is wholly inaccurate by reason of the fact that breeding carried out in Hunt Kennels is purely for the purpose of maintaining the pack and the particular blood line established over the years and is never done for commercial purposes.’

Irish Masters of Foxhounds website

‘Hunts in Ireland do not trade or sell hounds to third parties’.

‘Hunts have a centuries old tradition of being totally non-commercial bodies and selling hounds of any age or charging for the service of their dog hounds are expressly forbidden by their Masters Assocs. Because of this – unlike the Commercial Breeders who can increase the prices of pups - Hunts are not in a position to recoup any additional costs which might arise from the “Self financing” nature of the Expert Committees recommendations.’


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