Campaigning for an end to all blood sports and using direct action to help save hunted animals.


19th January 1998

Huntsman fined for cruelty to harriers

The Examiner

by Barry Roche
A HUNTSMAN and dog lover was yesterday convicted and fined £100 for cruelty to 17 harriers in what an animal welfare inspector described as "a most appalling case."
Father of seven, Mr. Christopher O'Sullivan, (40), from 2 Shamrock Place Ringaskiddy, Co Cork pleaded guilty to cruelty to two dogs denying he had been cruel to the rest.
Animal welfare Inspector Ted O'Connor said he found two of the dogs in a shed and wire compound in a field near O'Sullivan's home on May 1 last year.
"The two dogs were in an almost emaciated condition. One could clearly see the skeletal frame of one of the dogs through their flesh... the dogs were tearing and scratching," he commented.
"The floor of the compound was covered with several inches of faeces, rubbish, and old bones, and they had no food or water," Mr O'Connor described to a special sitting of Carrigaline District Court,
Mr O'Connor said he found another ten hounds in another wire compound attached to a ruined shed. These dogs were also tearing and scratching their bodies.
"The whole flood area was covered with several inches of faeces, rubbish and old bones. The smell was overpowering. The dogs had no food and the only drink there was a half bucket of dirty green water," he said.
Mr O'Connor found another hound in a small car trailer, lying in a week's accumulation faeces. There was no sign of food or water in the trailer, he said.
"It was obvious these animals were suffering over a long period of time, left without food or water and kept in dirty compounds" he said.
He also found hounds loose on a roadway. They looked reasonably healthy and this was probably due to the fact that they weren't confined to compounds and were able to scavenge for food.
Garda Declan O'Connor told the court that when he visited the compounds he found the first two dogs in a wretched condition. "I have never seen a dog alive in such a condition" said Garda O'Connor.
O'Sullivan explained that he was secretary, huntsman and kennelman of the Shamrock harrier Club. He had been involved in the club since he was ten years old.
He had taken in a number of dogs when some elderly members of the club retired or died. He had three dogs himself but he had overstocked, he admitted.
The first two dogs had been missing for over six weeks and were dropping from hunger when he finally found them.
He stated that he was unable to attend to the dogs properly for a few days because of some shift work he had got with Irish Steel.
"The other dogs were after a hard season - they were well knackered after the year - it would take the summer to get them into shape."
The dogs were only kept in the shed on three days a week when he fed them meat. He allowed them out into a field for the rest of the week, O'Sullivan claimed.
He had given away most of the dogs to two other local harrier clubs and now kept only three himself. He now kept these at kennels at Ballyfeard, he said.
O'Sullivan's solicitor Eugene Murphy said his client "had been striving manfully to keep an ageing club together." He was a dog lover for over 30 years and regretted very much what had happened.
Judge Joseph Mangan fined Mr. O'Sullivan £100 and ordered him to pay £80 expenses for the animal Welfare Officer, Mr Ted O'Connor.


23rd August 2005

LETTER : Hunters are the messiest of our farmland crossers

Dear Editor, During the summer months, Oliver McDonnell, writing inthe  Farming Independent,  highlighted the problem of modern farming: people walking across farm land, making gaps in ditches, leaving gates open, trampling through fields of corn, then passing through fields of livestock, sometimes with dogs, exciting and terrifying sheep and putting themselves at risk of attack by a suckler cow (protecting her calf) or a bull.


18th January 2006

Shock as stag eludes capture by jumping onto roof in Garristown!

A STAG is on the loose in rural Fingal after evading capture from a pack of hounds and mounted horses by legging it up the main street in Garristown and leaping off a shop roof!The Irish Red Deer was being pursued by up to 60 mounted members of the Ward Union Hunt after being set free near Palmerstown last Friday, January 13.

17th April 2006

Blooding greyhounds

The current investigation by Gardai into a greyhound blooding incident in a Dublin park is a numbing reminder that the practice continues despite being highly illegal.

July 04 2006

Chase for land as hunt splits. IT'S unlikely that Carlow's foxes have been informed but the news for the winter ahead is not great for the south-east's bushy tailed fraternity.

August 16 2006

Hunt objectors protest outside Louth Hunt Ball

The AOHS staged a two-hour protest at the entrance to the hotel.They state that 30 protestors attended, while the hunt ball organisers claim that the gardai told them it was just 11. Security was tight at the hotel but Gardai reported a ‘trouble-free event’. Those attending the hunt ball had to pass protestors holding banners and posters calling for a ban on foxhunts.



18th January 2007

Rathdrum residents slam Bray Hunt

Residents of Rathdrum are to send a clear message to Bray Hunt - they are not welcome in their town any more. While the local development association has no problem with the hunt taking place, as no live foxes are chased, they are demanding that participants stop parking on their green areas and blocking up gateways and paths with their jeeps.

January 25th 2007

Stag terrifies school after hunt goes wrong

A SMALL area of Meath turned into a scene of terror when a hunt involving a stag went wrong as the animal bounded through the yard of a primary school.


February 24th 2007

Fox hunt turned farm outing into 'a day of terror'

A MOTHER told yesterday how a fox hunt turned a visit to a farm for her children into a day of terror.


14th April 2007

Now the hunter becomes the hunted

I welcome the Millward Brown opinion poll finding that two out of every three Irish people want fox hunting banned (Irish Independent, April 9). The reaction of the field sport lobby was predictable. It has once again dredged up the old arguments in favour of hunting that, despite the serious nature of the subject, have always been good for a laugh. To say that the pro-hunting


16th may 2007

Lorcan fuming over foxhunting proposals

Fianna Fail foxhunting fan Cllr. Lorcan Allen has hit out at Green Party proposals to ban blood sports in Ireland, saying anyone proposing to enter government with the Greens should make their position clear on the issue.



7th September 2007

Gormley gives green light to the trapping of 7,000 hares

GREEN Environment Minister John Gormley last night controversially gave the green light for the trapping of 7,000 hares for coursing meetings.



16th September 2007

Save hunting -- it gives us our bottle

Dear Minister,


24th October 2007

Hounds chased

Safety Officers in Irish Rail have contacted a Wexford hunt after hearing how hounds had chased a fox along a track as a train approached. The Irish Field reported about the incident, which happened in 2006, stating that the hounds disturbed a fox who 'ran in the direction of the Slaney River, and then proceeded along the centre of railway line with the full pack in pursuit. As


19th January 2008


23rd November 2007

Top hunt probed in cruelty claim

The body in charge of Irish foxhunting is investigating claims that a fox was dug out of its den, tied up and then fed alive to hounds during a top hunt in Westmeath.



19th January 2008

10th March 2008


A pack of fox hounds caused traffic chaos as they ran across a busy dual carriageway on Saturday.One dog was hit by a vehicle and killed in the incident, which happened at about 1pm, on the A380 at Ideford Dip, near Newton Abbot, South Devon.The dogs, which form part of the Britannia Beagles in South Devon, broke away from a trail hunt and ran across both sides of the carriageway into the path of moving traffic. It was 40 minutes before they were herded into a nearby field.


 26th March 2008

Club probe over animal cruelty By Sean O’Riordan


A HUNT club in Co Cork has been suspended by the sport’s governing body after allegations of animal cruelty.

The Irish Masters of Foxhounds Association said the allegations against the north Cork based Avondhu Foxhounds were made by senior people within the hunting community and not animal rights groups.The complaints were made against the hunt club following the alleged mistreatment of a fox near Fermoy earlier this month. The Avondhu Foxhounds, which has about 70 members drawn from the Fermoy and Mitchelstown areas, held the hunt with two groups from Tipperary and England.


23rd June 2008

Vulnerable species need protection

In criticising Minister John Gormley's recent decision to restrict the hare  hunting season, Fine Gael's agriculture spokesperson, Michael Creed, displays a lamentable disregard for one of our most vulnerable species.

 8th August 2008

Militants pushing meatless, petless society, seminar told  OLIVIA KELLY

Militant animal rights groups are using children to push their agenda of a meatless, petless society, a seminar on the growth of the animal rights movement was told this morning.The seminar, Consumer Intimidation, the Vegan/Animal Rights Agenda, was organised by Gavin Duffy of the Hunting Association of Ireland, in response to what he says are increasingly intimidatory protests by animal rights activists.

24th August 2008


Hunting Act removed from latest edition of police manual/H&H news desk

THE Hunting Act has been removed from the 2008 edition of Blackstone's Police Manual, the required reading for officers taking exams for promotion to sergeant and inspector.

A spokesman for publisher Oxford University Press said: "We have completely reviewed the manual this year to make it as focused as possible on the promotion exams.

 3rd November 2008

IFAW, the RSPCA and the League have been working together to produce a website on hunting and the Hunting Act for enforcement bodies.

The more people that know about it the better.


28th November 2008

Gardaí search for valuable dogs snatched from kennels

By Sean O’Riordan
GARDAÍ are searching for seven valuable hunting dogs that they believe were stolen to order from Ireland’s oldest foot beagle club. The club has appealed for help in finding six bitches and one dog which were taken from a kennel in Glanmire, Co Cork. They were the property of the Riverstown Foot Beagles, which was founded 121 years ago.

27th December 2008

Controversial hunts pass off peacefully

THE controversial St Stephen's Day hunts passed off peacefully yesterday as protesters stayed away from the major runs around the country.


31St December 2008 

Stag escapes from Meath hunters by swimming river HARRY McGEE 

THE WARD Union Hunt said yesterday that its stag hunt in Co Meath passed off successfully with the stag eventually escaping by swimming across the river Boyne.The Ward Union, the only remaining stag hunt in Ireland, has been the subject of much controversy in recent years and has clashed with Minister for the Environment John Gormley over its licence The leader of the Green Party has said he is personally opposed to hunting but that, in his role as Minister, he must consider applications for hunting licences.



12th January 2009

Stag hunt back on again after court grants order lifting Gormley 'ban'

THE Ward Union Hunt took off on a stag hunt yesterday for the first time since Environment Minister John Gormley imposed what, it claimed, was a ban on the sport.


20th January 2009

Swot up on hunting

Hunting is the biggest equestrian activity in Ireland with more than 2,500 meets a year, involving in excess of 150,000 caps.


20th January 2009

The Horses

*Haughey liked to project himself as the Squire of Abbeyville, frequently riding to hounds with the local hunt in the full regalia of the old ascendancy.



20th January 2009

Shock as stag eludes capture by jumping onto roof in Garristown!

A STAG is on the loose in rural Fingal after evading capture from a pack of hounds and mounted horses by legging it up the main street in Garristown and leaping off a shop roof!The Irish Red Deer was being pursued by up to 60 mounted members of the Ward Union Hunt after being set free near Palmerstown last Friday, January 13.


3rd February 2009

Anger after hunt dogs run amok  


THE League Against Cruel Sports has criticised the Avon Vale Hunt

after hounds ran onto a farm near Trowbridge and frightened a horse

causing it to injure itself.

The 56-year-old owner of the two-and-a half-year-old horse called

Billy said she was 'shocked and outraged' after it tried to escape

from hounds by scaling a fence, badly injuring itself in the process.

The pack then continued to cause chaos when they entered a nearby cat

rescue centre.


4th February 2009

Pro-hunters welcome court ruling


The Countryside Alliance claims a High Court ruling on the definition of hunting in England and Wales will make it harder to prosecute huntsmen.

Two test cases involving huntsmen have been heard at the High Court.

Hunting foxes with dogs was banned in 2005. Dogs can follow a scent or flush out a fox but not kill it.

According to the Press Association, the Countryside Alliance says the court ruled that the definition of "hunting" should not include "searching".


February 5, 2009

 Victory claimed by both sides after hunting ruling. The Times.

 Frances Gibb, Sam Coates and Valerie Elliott


 It set the countryside against the city, Tory against Labour,  

 Commons against Lords, royalty against commoner and neighbour  

 against neighbour. Defra


10th February 2009

Fox hunt turned farm outing into 'a day of terror'

A MOTHER told yesterday how a fox hunt turned a visit to a farm for her children into a day of terror


February 18, 2009

 Hunts hit back at thug claims


*/WARNING! Videos contain explicit language.

Hunts use thuggery to intimidate anti-hunt monitors and prevent them getting evidence of illegal hunting.


Videos can be viewed at

That was the claim made by Somerset monitors as the League Against Cruel

Sports stepped up its campaign and marked the fourth anniversary of the

ban on hunting with dogs.


February 25, 2009

Call for ban on hare and fox hunts


Call for ban on hare and fox hunts

Delegates backed an Ogra Shinn Féin motion calling "for a total ban on all

blood sports, including hare coursing and fox hunting". Dublin Ógra member

Aine Downes said 30 hares had been killed at recent coursing meetings. The

ardfheis rejected a separate motion from cumainn in Ardfert, Co Kerry, and

Thurles, Co Tipperary, calling delegates to accept that "hare coursing is

not a blood sport, and that it opposes any attempt to ban a popular rural



25th February 2009

Out-of-control hunting dogs rip pet cat apart

AN ELDERLY couple watched in horror as a pack of hunting dogs killed their 18-year-old pet cat, writes Eimear Ni Bhraonain.


31st March 2009

Hunters 'smuggling dog-sized deer for shooting'

DEER are being smuggled into Ireland purely for the purpose of being shot by  hunters, wildlife experts claim.


4th March 2009


Prosecutors drop huntsman appeal.

Tony Wright said he had been trying to protect livestock The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has said it will not contest a High Court ruling in favour of a huntsman filmed apparently chasing a fox with dogs.

Tony Wright, 53, of the Exmoor Foxhounds, was the first person to be prosecuted under the Hunting Act 2004, which bans hunting with hounds.

He successfully appealed against his conviction, saying the dogs were flushing out foxes for a marksman.

The CPS has warned it could still bring other prosecutions under the act.

'Protecting livestock'

Mr Wright was originally fined £500 and ordered to pay £250 costs to the League Against Cruel Sports which brought the prosecution in 2005.




9th MARCH 2009


It is thought that avid wildlife killer and hunt heavy Trevor Morse had raced to Warwick airport Monday afternoon March 9 to confront the hunt monitors who had been filming from the air the nefarious activities of the Warwickshire Hunt gang. The two passengers on the gyrocopter were evidence gathering hunt monitors. As the trespasser allegedly advanced on the refuelled aircraft to prevent it from taking off he was advised repeatedly by the safety-trained crew to keep away from the spinning rotor blades.  He appears to have ignored these visibly unnecessary warnings and paid with his life. Anyone who has been confronted by these kinds of people will know of their inability to see reason when in a state of frenzy. Extreme violence is so often the outcome.Bizarrely the pilot of the aircraft 54 year old Bryan Griffiths who was exceptionally eager to keep safely away from hunt supporters while filming their activities has been charged with murder and remanded in custody!

Morse is not the first person to die in the killing fields of England in recent years. Usually the hunters do the killing and the saboteurs try to intervene and can pay a heavy price. In 1976 William Sweet was gunned down by a blood sport fanatic. In 1993 15 year old Tom Worby was killed by huntsman Tony Ball in the Cambridgeshire countryside. Mike Hill was 18 in 1991 when Cheshire huntsman Alan Summersgill killed him.  None of the assailants were so much as arrested for murder. There was little media coverage. No one was held in custody and threatened with life in prison or charged with anything! The murders of three peace loving youngsters remain unsolved. Many other violent attacks on anti hunt protesters by hunt supporters remain either un-investigated or unsolved. The response to this death of someone thought to be engaged in a violent criminal conspiracy should be the immediate enforcement of the Hunting Act. It must not be used as an excuse to impede hunt monitors investigating these violent criminal gangs. Public citizens should not have to risk their lives collecting evidence of criminal activity when others are paid to do this job. Four years after the law was passed many hunts have publicly stated their intention to continue breaking it by massacring wild animals and spitting in the face of the majority of UK citizens. It’s time the violence and intimidation stopped.

Patrick Moore speaks out over the lack of action on illegal hunting:


15th May 2009

Death knell for hunting ban as police abandon monitoring operations



31st May 2009

Hunting holidays organised by conservation rangers. Sunday Times.

Hunting holidays organised by conservation rangers are under investigation

Wildlife park staff compromise their position as conservation rangers by organising hunts for foreign tourists

12th June 2009 

Vixen thief is 'Imelda Marcos' of Germany By Tony Paterson

A vixen has been nicknamed the "Imelda Marcos" of Germany's fox population after being identified as the culprit behind the theft of more than 120 shoes in a provincial town.
For more than a year, the inhabitants of Föhren in Germany's hilly Eifel district were baffled by the overnight disappearances of boots, shoes and slippers from their doorsteps and garden patios.



30th July 2009

Illegal hunting sees Irish hare numbers halve 

The number of Irish hares in Northern Ireland almost halved because people are flaunting the law banning its hunting, a pressure group claimed today. The League Against Cruel Sports called for a permanent prohibition to be put in place after the population dropped to 98 this year. This is the lowest recording since measures were taken to protect the creature in 2002.


3rd August 2009

Hunters are given training to change 'toff' image By Tom Peck Monday, 3 August 2009


The Bicester and Whaddon Chase Hunt near Bicester. Fox hunters are being coached on ways to shake off their out-of-touch, upper-class, image as the sport prepares to take on a renewed role ahead of the next general election,



6th August 2009


Why I can't wait to see hunting's new image By Brian Reade 6/08/2009

I was once recognised as the enemy at a Countryside Alliance march.


A gang of Prince Harrys with jutting jaws and voices so far back they pre-dated the Ice Age told me to get back to my Northern slum.

They were everything you’d expect from people whose major thrill in life is chasing defenceless animals until they die.Which is why their latest attempts to con the nation into thinking they’re decent, ordinary folk has left me chortling.



27 August 2009

Hunt clubs to protest


Hundreds of field sports supporters are expected to attend an emergency meeting of the Hunting Association of Ireland (HAI) in Cork this week to protest against proposed regulation of hunting kennels.






2nd September 2009

TV chef Clarissa Dickson-Wright pleads guilty to hare coursing charge Andrew Norfolk

Television chef Clarissa Dickson-Wright today escaped punishment after she admitted being a spectator at an hare coursing event.

Dickson-Wright and leading race horse trainer Sir Mark Prescott joined hundreds of hunt supporters for two days of the traditional field sport held on farmland near Malton, North Yorkshire, in March 2007.

Coursing, in which hares are driven by beaters into a field to be chased by greyhounds, was outlawed under the Hunting Act 2004.




2nd September 2009


Clarissa Dickson-Wright escapes punishment for hunting offences


Debate over Britain's hunting ban flared up yesterday after a celebrity chef and a leading horse trainer admitted attending two illegal hare coursing events – and were let off by a judge.Clarissa Dickson-Wright, who found fame through the BBC cookery series Two Fat Ladies, and Sir Mark Prescott pleaded guilty to hunting offences at Scarborough magistrates' court.




7th October 2009

Shine a spotlight on hunt kennels

The Irish hunting with hounds community is up in arms at the proposal of Environment Minister John Gormley to include hunt kennels under the remit of the Commercial Dog Breeding Establishments statutory instrument which he intends to sign into law shortly.



7th October 2009

Irish Examiner -Letters Page




10th October 2009


Hunt supporters in new clash with Tories over repeal of ban Hunt supporters have clashed with the Tory party over its plans for the repeal of the controversial hunting ban.



11th October 2009

A case of the unspeakable in pursuit of the doubtful


A Slice of Britain: Deep in the English countryside, the hunting lobby launches a recruitment drive to bring in new blood

By Emily Dugan in Surrey.

Members of the Surrey Union hunt are hoping to attract newcomers to the sport.

Small wet noses poke expectantly from identical rows of circular holes in the side of an oversized lorry parked in the middle of a field in the Surrey countryside. From deeper inside the lorry come the neighing of horses and the high-pitched chatter of their owners.


19th October 2009


Vandals target anti-hunting Lush


Branches of ethical cosmetics chain attacked after campaign launched in support of saboteurs By Tom Peck

Hunting supporters have targeted Lush stores over their support for the Hunt Saboteurs Association

They have donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to direct action guerrillas. Now, they have found themselves under attack.


20th October 2009

Tories set to overturn hunting ban if they win election By Jason Beattie The Tories will try to sneak through a bid to overturn the hunting ban, despite massive opposition.Officials will put cruel sports at the top of their agenda, but plan to bundle the law into a civil rights bill, fearing an outcry if it is pushed on its own.


14th November 2009

EUR 87,000 for woman hurt by 'flying' dog which was hit by car .

AN ELDERLY woman, who was knocked unconscious and suffered injuries

after being struck by a flying hunt dog as it ricocheted off the

bonnet of a car, has been awarded EUR 87,000 damages at the High Court.


16th December 2009

Gormley accused of 'agenda' in hunt ban

ENVIRONMENT Minister John Gormley is to press ahead with legislation banning stag-hunting with hounds despite mounting opposition from hunting groups across the country.


17th December 2009

Stag hunting was never our culture

Stag hunting fans claimed at their indoor rally earlier this week that their sport was fair and humane and an essential part of Irish tradition; and they asked why the only hunt in Ireland that didn't aim to kill its quarry was being singled out for abolition.

23rd December 2009

Hunters to ride in protest to Dáil

THE proposed banning of the Ward Union hunt by Minister for the Environment, John Gormley, will meet stiff resistance with protests set for the streets of Dublin and Dáil Eireann itself, according to local man Gavin Duffy of the Hunting Association.


 23rd December 2009

Horses to descend on Leinster House

THE proposed banning of the Ward Union hunt by Minister for the Environment, John Gormley will meet stiff resistance with protests set for the streets of Dublin and Dail Eireann itself, according to local man Gavin Duffy of the Hunting Association.


27 December  2009

Otis Ferry: What I think of anti-hunting ‘idiots’. 

Sunday Times
Otis Ferry: What I think of anti-hunting ‘idiots’. The professional huntsman and son of singer Bryan Ferry on leftie Britain, spending last Christmas in prison and Simon Cowell. Camilla Long

31st December 2009
FF TDs call for free vote on proposed stag-hunting ban


TWO PROMINENT Fianna Fail backbench TDs have called for a free vote in

            the Dail on the proposed ban on stag-hunting.


24th December 2009

Gormley promises 'end to backstreet dog-breeders'


LAWS TO ensure the registration and supervision of so-called “puppy

            farms” will be enacted in the new year, Minister for the Environment

            John Gormley has said.



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29th January 2010

Foxhunting poll Irish Times.


January 2010

Study finds long-Suspected Link Between Hunting and Small Penis Size

Scientific Study Links Hunters to Small Penis Syndrome

Read the facts for yourself here:


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