Campaigning for an end to all blood sports and using direct action to help save hunted animals.

RISE spokesperson ‘Liam Cahill’ is also Minister for Agriculture adviser and spokesperson…


RISE spokesperson ‘Liam Cahill’ is also Minister for Agriculture adviser and spokesperson…..


Liam Cahill, the high profile spokesperson for pro-bloodsports group RISE,’ Rural Ireland Says Enough’ is  double Jobbing as an adviser to Minister Shane Mc Entee who is responsible for all things involving animal abuse, ie blood sports and animal farming.

A statement was issued to media today on behalf of the Dept of Agriculture’s Shane Mc Entee. This statement was signed by Liam Cahill. Mr Cahill is still spokesperson for RISE , the PRO Hunt group and he gets paid taxpayers money on the government pay-roll representing the same issue for Minister Shane Mc Entee.

Mr Cahill is paid to the tune of 1000 euro a day [as stated on his Liam Cahill consultancy web site ] by clients as his web site has previously stated.


On February 1st 2011 in Dail Eireann, whilst speaking to then Minister John Gormley, the Meath TD Shane Mc Entee said ‘The Deputy did not get to ban the Ward Union after all his talk.’ And ‘Its members are still hunting’.
As Shane Mc Entee is confirming that the Ward Union Staghunt are still breaking the law, should he not, as an elected representative in Dail Eireann condemn the blatant disregard of Irish Legislation by the Ward Union?

What should we expect with RISE spokesperson Liam Cahill in his ear.


The Association of Hunt Saboteurs consider this situation to be  a joke as RISE spokesperson Liam Cahill gets paid to push his obvious agenda from  taxpayers money from the Department of Agriculture as well as probably claiming his RISE 1000euro a day fee.

The inmates are definitely running the asylum now as animal abuse supporters make big bucks.

Is anyone concerned about this situation?


Liam Cahill

Office of the Minister of State, Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine



The PR code of conduct can be viewed at

It states: All members of the Public Relations Institute of Ireland "8. Shall not offer public affairs consultancy services for financial reward or other inducements and simultaneously be employed in the Public Service or engaged as a full time advisor to government."