Campaigning for an end to all blood sports and using direct action to help save hunted animals.


WELCOME to the Tactics page!

Here you will find out how saboteurs sabotage hunts.

The UK Hunt Saboteurs Association save thousands of animals from hunters every season. - They have compiled an excellent tactics manual, drawn from over 40 years experience of sabbing.

Here it is - the
HSA Tactics Manual
(we couldn't have done it any better).
photo of fox
Safe in the Hunt Sabs Van....

Study the Tactics manual, then go out and observe hunts to see how they operate. You should do this with other Saboteurs,
if you decide to go out on your own, be Very Careful! Hunters do not like being sabbed.

If you are into hunting and curious about saboteurs, you won't learn anything new here;
You will probably learn more about hunting than you already know.

WELL DONE! to all Sabs, Activists, Lobbyists, Supporters everywhere: since the 18th of February 2005, Hunting with Dogs is Banned in England and Wales check, LACS, or your favourite News sites for more ... Hunting is still legal in Ireland.

THE WARD UNION LICENCE CONDITIONS FOR THE 2008/9 season,issued by Dept of the Environment.

This lisences the Ward Union to hunt domesticated deer across the Counties Meath and Dublin between October 2008 and March 2009.

Download a copy of the Licence and its 34 conditions