Campaigning for an end to all blood sports and using direct action to help save hunted animals.

2008 DEMO at the LEAP YEAR BALL -Kildare Hunt.


The Kildare Foxhounds or THE KILLING KILDARES   will be having a ball on 29th February (FRIDAY) in the Keadeen Hotel in Newbridge .Co Kildare.



Directions to hotel- Leave the M7 at exit 12 (signposted Newbridge, The Curragh), then at roundabout take the 4th exit
At this roundabout take the 2nd exit for Newbridge
Continue forward into Newbridge and the hotel is straight on, approximately 1/2 mile along this road on the left hand side.


THIS IS BEING co- organised by Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports
 and the Association of Hunt Saboteurs.
BE IN PLACE FOR 12 o CLOCK PLEASE. from DUBLIN.7am Train Heuston Station to Clonmel.


Details on the Coursing final below, from the ICC.The address of the Clonmel Racecourse/Coursing club is



Powerstown Park Ltd, Davis Road, Clonmel, Co Tipperary Ireland . 

Ph: 052-22611   Fax: 052 26446 


Welcome to the 83rd National Coursing Meeting (written by the Coursing Club)

ALL is in readiness for the 83rd running of the National Coursing Meeting which takes place at Powerstown Park, Clonmel, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, February 4, 5 and 6.
This renowned coursing festival swings into action on Sunday, February 3, with the 40th running of the prestigious Ladies’ International Open Meeting, run over the preserves of Clonmel and District Club.
If accommodation bookings are a yardstick, the crowds attending the festival will again be of epic proportions and, no doubt, the home numbers will be swollen by a large influx of sports people from the UK, and from as far afield as Australia, New Zealand, the United States and the Middle East.
To each of those, friends and supporters from far and near, we extend a hearty welcome and good wishes for a pleasant sojourn at Suirside.
As always, the local voluntary committee has done trojan work in preparing the coursing grounds, and in training and husbanding the all-important hare stock. The sport of coursing is in their debt. We also wish to pay tribute to those many clubs who have been so helpful and co-operative in ensuring the success of the National Meeting.
The National Meeting and the sport of coursing is very fortunate in its generous sponsors, Boylesports, the Nallen family of Hotel Minella, the Classics Club and Stockproof Fencing Products. Our thanks to one and all.
Congratulations to all who have succeeded in producing a qualifier for next week’s Classics at Powerstown Park.
To qualify a greyhound for a place at Clonmel is a wonderful achievement, yet remains an unrealised ambition for so many.
To all who have succeeded in this quest, we wish good luck in running, a fair test and a true result.
To those who have not, as yet, had the good fortune to have a National Meeting qualifier, we express the wish that their day will soon arrive.
We are confident that the 83rd renewal of the National Coursing Meeting will add another glorious chapter to the great history of the sport of coursing in Ireland.
Jerry Desmond, CEO, Irish Coursing Clubccccccc

Club probe over animal cruelty


 26 March 2008 

Club probe over animal cruelty By Sean O’Riordan 

A HUNT club in Co Cork has been suspended by the sport’s governing body after allegations of animal cruelty.

The Irish Masters of Foxhounds Association said the allegations against the north Cork based Avondhu Foxhounds were made by senior people within the hunting community and not animal rights groups.The complaints were made against the hunt club following the alleged mistreatment of a fox near Fermoy earlier this month.

 The Avondhu Foxhounds, which has about 70 members drawn from the Fermoy and Mitchelstown areas, held the hunt with two groups from Tipperary and England.A spokesman for the Irish Masters of Foxhounds Association said it was highly unusual for fellow hunters to make such complaints.A disciplinary meeting was held in Co Laois earlier this month during which several witnesses were interviewed. 

“It appears the rules have been broken and we are trying to get to the bottom of it. There is no place for animal cruelty in sport. We are keen to stamp out any rule-breaking,” the association’s spokesman said.

A spokesman for the Avondhu Foxhounds said it was carrying out its own separate investigation.

He said it was a standard procedure that a club would be suspended while an investigation is ongoing.

Shannon Development promoting Hunting.VOICE YOUR OPPOSITION TO HUNTING

'Wintertime marks the height of the hunting season and mostcentres have arrangements to ride with local hunt'.This is the statement covering accommodation and hunting arrangements being advertised on the Shannonm Development website.The site mentions all the local hunts and is promoting hunting to tourists and visitors in the region.


Please contact Shannon Development , Shannon Town Centre County Clare. 00 353 61 361555, Fax 00 353 61 363180. Contact Brendan McCormack, eBusiness Project Manager, Shannon Development on 061-402228 or email,Neilosullivan@shannondev,ie,,,,


GAVIN DUFFY SECRET..!!  LETTERS (only 20 or so turned up)

 To: ject: Draft of brochure 

 Hi all, 

 I am just circulating to you all, the draft brochure that will be  e-mailed tomorrow, a month in advance, to all parties to attend our  seminar on, Consumer Intimidation, The Vegan, Animal Rights Agenda. There will be a follow-up letter by post and then we'll phone them all again. We have been on the phone already flagging it the many organizations. We have got a fantastic reaction from Universities, Circuses, Restaurants, Fur Shops, Meat & Poultry processors, Pharmaceutical companies, race course managers, everyone from Abattoirs to the Zoo. Big companies like McDonalds and Glaxo Smith Kline will be represented.

It seems these Animal Rights activists have annoyed a lot of people  and they are hoping by coming together at this forum we might help them form some Alliance to combat the Vegan campaigners. I am organizing it through one of my companies Dorland,I didn't want it to be seen as a hunting event but more a business seminar. I have also assigned one of my staff, Paula Mc Mahon (087 9111682) to oversee  it and help organizing the other FACE events that week coinciding with the Horse Show. Her e-mail is

 If you have any comments, corrections or direction to offer, please  get back to us a.s.a.p. 

   Gavin Duffy

   Chairman HAI Ltd.

      087 255 4921 

HUNTERS LETTER TO OTHER ANIMAL abusing delegates....





Enclosed please read the brochure outlining details of this important breakfast seminar being held at the Ballsbridge (Berkeley) Court Hotel Dublin 4 at 8 on the 8th of the 8th.

Whilst we are fortunate to have the acknowledged world expert on Animal Rights as our key note speaker, Lt. Col. Dennis Foster; this is a forum more so than a seminar.  It is a coming together, to share experiences of the more than 100 business and activities that have attracted protests or leaflet distribution at their events or premises over the last twelve months.

How do we respond to the type of Consumer Intimidation the Animal Rights Activists engage in? You may be an upmarket restaurant serving foie gras and next thing there are five young people, looking like “Goths”, with posters outside your premises, protesting on your busiest Saturday night. They may even try to enter the restaurant to upset your customers. When you try to stop them, they video it, next thing you and your restaurant are up on You Tube “beating them up”, they’ll claim.

Obviously the best thing to do is ignore them, inform the Garda Siochana to keep them at a discreet distance from the legitimate business being carried on at your premises and hopefully they’ll get bored and move onto the next soft target.

But should we ignore their movement?  Certainly not. In the current Government they have their “friends”, the Greens in power. The Green party is committed to Animal Rights not just to Animal Welfare something we would all passionately support.

So please do come along to this informal, discreet, forum and hear the experiences of people in your business or activity who have been targeted. We are asking people to come at 7:30am for continental breakfast followed by the Seminar commencing at 8:00am sharp and concluding at 10:00.


WARD UNION-Statement issued by Tony Brady on behalf

Ward Union Stag Hunt cause Mayhem

The Ward Union is the only Hunt in the Republic which is permitted to hunt a carted deer. Permission to do so is by way of Licence from the Minister for the Environment Dick Roche with input from the Irish Parks and Wildlife Service.

There is a very substantial body of opinion, which includes seasoned hunting people, who strongly believe that the animal cruelty involved is unacceptable and that the licence should be withdrawn forthwith.

Statement issued by Tony Brady on behalf of people in Kildalkey Parish (part of statement)

Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports (CACS)
Lower Coyne Street,
Co. Kilkenny.
Phone: (056) 7725543

Villagers call for stag hunt ban

Opposition to the senseless cruelty of the Ward Union Stag Hunt, the only hunt of its kind in Ireland, is rising. Apart from groups like ours that have always opposed the hunt, people in the areas where it operates are now calling for a ban on the activity.

We have just received a statement (reproduced below) issued on behalf of people in Kildalkey village in County Meath that calls on Minister Dick Roche to withdraw the Ward Union’s licence to hunt stags.

It is a very strong statement and comes in the wake of the recent incident in which hunters and hounds in pursuit of a terrified and exhausted stag rampaged through a schoolyard in Kildalkey village.

The statement also comes just days after a well-attended protest against stag hunting was mounted outside Minister Roche’s office in Dublin. Members of several animal protection lobby groups turned up to voice their disgust at the continued licensing of a practise that is propped up by a ruthless, bloodthirsty and powerful elite.

People from all walks of life in the districts affected by the hunt’s cruelty and vandalism are now joining in the calls from animal protection groups for an end to this barbaric blood sport.

John Fitzgerald
PRO,Campaign for the Abolition
of Cruel Sports (CACS)


The Ward Union is the only Hunt in the Republic which is permitted to hunt a carted deer. Permission to do so is by way of Licence from the Minister for the Environment Dick Roche with input from the Irish Parks and Wildlife Service.

There is a very substantial body of opinion, which includes seasoned hunting people, who strongly believe that the animal cruelty involved is unacceptable and that the licence should be withdrawn forthwith.

The Ward Union deer or stag is reared in captivity in the same way as cattle or any other domesticated farm animal. The Hunt spokesman says they are not hunted until four or five years old. During this period they are grazed in a relatively small fenced in area and during the winter fed with hay and meals. Like all domesticated animals they have limited exercise and are relatively unfit and certainly do not have prolonged or rigorous exercise.

For each Meet during the hunting season one or more of these deer are loaded into a trailer and taken to strange and unfamiliar countryside where one of them is released and set upon by a large pack of hounds to pursue the terrified animal though the countryside followed by approximately 100 mounted followers. These “sportsmen” are followed or accompanied by a number of “supporters” driving jeeps or high- powered ATVs (quad bikes). The chase forces the stag to plunge or jump through hedges, fences, ditches and other obstacles. Given that the majority of farmers maintain stock-proof boundary fences round their farms it is inevitable that the unfortunate deer will often become entangled in barbed wire, inflicting injury. He may be further injured by the actions of the supporters.

The huntsmen following will have no hesitation in cutting down wire fences and are equipped to do so. Ward Union followers and supporters have no hesitation whatever in trespassing over land without any permission from the landowner. Those who protest are likely to be verbally abused in strident terms and reminded that: “we have a licence to do whatever we like”. There appears to be no ability or willingness by the Masters to control the mayhem.

On Tuesday 23rd January a stag was released at Capranny, Trim and hunted until it collapsed exhausted into a ditch. It was then set upon by supporters and in a stupid and vain attempt to make it run again was very severely beaten with sticks.

A second stag was then released which was hunted towards Kildalkey village and into the school playground, at a time when the children were about to leave the school and when a number of parents had assembled to collect them. The stag was clearly exhausted but nonetheless was then hunted along the public road towards Trim. People who protested at the totally inhumane treatment of the stag were verbally abused. The stag was finally pursued by men in a jeep until it collapsed.

These events were well aired and documented by callers to the Joe Duffy Radio Show the following day some of whom asserted that the stag had collapsed and died.

The following day a vet acting for the Ward Union said on radio that he had inspected the stag and apart from being tired he was in good health.

It is significant that the vet did not report on an examination of the second stag, which gives credibility to the claims of callers that it died.

It is well known that following a recent meet of the Ward Union hunt at Kilmessan that the stag was hunted into the River Boyne at Scurlogstown, Trim, where it drowned. The carcass was dragged from the river by supporters to conceal the evidence.

Apart from the spokesman for the Ward Union Oliver Russell who claimed on the radio to have been present at the Kildalkey hunt but saw nothing, all of these events were seen by many people and can be easily authenticated.

This disgraceful and disgusting cruelty to animals cannot and should not be tolerated in any civilised society and the licence to engage in this revolting activity should quite obviously be withdrawn by Minister Roche.

All reasonable people should lobby their T.D. and use every possible influence to have this licence permanently withdrawn and bring this dangerous and out of control mayhem to an end.

If decent concerned people do nothing this evil will prevail.

The above is issued on behalf of concerned in Kildalkey Parish by

Tony Brady, Clonylogan, Kildalkey, Co. Meath. Phone: 046-9435205.

End of Statement


IFA chief not going to forum on animal rights movement
Friday, August 8, 2008 
 Pádraig Walshe: name used "in a totally inappropriate way"Pádraig Walshe: 
IRISH FARMERS Association (IFA) president Pádraig Walshe has said he will
 not participate in a seminar on the animal rights movement today and has
denied that he agreed to attend the event.
The seminar, Consumer Intimidation, the Vegan/Animal Rights Agenda, was
organised by Gavin Duffy of the Hunting Association of Ireland, in
 response to what he says are increasingly intimidatory protests by animal
rights activists.
 The brochure issued to delegates lists Mr Walshe as one of three speakers
 due to address the event in Dublin this morning. Mr Duffy said yesterday
 that Mr Walshe had agreed to participate. 
 In a statement from the IFA yesterday, Mr Walshe said his name had been
 used in relation to the event without permission. "I am very
dissatisfied about this. The organisers have used my name in a totally inappropriate
 way to promote their own agenda. I will not allow my name or the IFA to be
 hijacked in this way. There will be no IFA participation in thisevent." 
 Mr Duffy said he was surprised by Mr Walshe's comments. "As a
long-term friend and admirer of Pádraig Walshe and as one who worked with him on
his election campaign for IFA president, I'm bemused by the IFA statement."
 Mr Walshe's attendance had not, until yesterday, been disputed by the
IFA, Mr Duffy said. "Apparently Pádraig Walshe now feels he cannot attend the event and
says his name was used inappropriately. If this is his view of events, I
apologise unreservedly. It was never my attention to cause any
embarrassment to Pádraig or the IFA in inviting him to represent Irish
live exporters." Groups including the National Animal Rights Association and the
 Association of Hunt Saboteurs intend to protest outside the event.
Irish Farmers Journal editor Matt Dempsey and Lt Col Dennis J Foster, who
 Mr Duffy says is the world's top authority on the animal rights
Militants pushing meatless, petless society, seminar told 
 OLIVIA KELLY Fri, Aug 08, 2008
 Militant animal rights groups are using children to push their agenda of a
 meatless, petless society, a seminar on the growth of the animal rights movement was
told this morning. The seminar, Consumer Intimidation, the Vegan/Animal Rights Agenda, was
organised by Gavin Duffy of the Hunting Association of Ireland, in response to what he
 says are increasingly intimidatory protests by animal rights activists. Lt Col Dennis J Foster, 
master of the Foxhounds Association of America,told delegates from a range of professions 
and sporting bodies involving animals, including farmers, anglers, circuses, and the pharmaceutical industry,
that militant animal rights literature was circulating in American schools.
 "The animal rights movement is based on hate, fear, emotion and
 deception... They equate holocaust victims with animals going to slaughter, they distribute
 leaflets saying 'your mommy kills animals'." Radical US groups, such as Peta
 (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) were
 funding the Irish animal rights movement, he said. "If we don't watch out they are going 
to take the ball from us.It's about you getting together, to realise what they are
 doing to our children and do something about it." A group of about 30 protesters held 
a peaceful outside the seminar at the Ballsbridge Court (formerly Berkeley Court) 
hotel in Dublin yesterday. Laura Broxson of the National Animal Rights Association
 said the seminar was"disgusting". "We think these people are horrible.
 Everything we do is a legitimate protest and if they think we are being 
intimidating well then that's a mark of our success." Irish Farmer Association
 president Pádraig Walshe had been listed as a speaker in
 the brochure issued to delegates, however he said yesterday he had never
 agreed to attend. Mr Duffy said Mr Walsh had agreed to participate but was "scared
off" by publicity surrounding the event.

'Hunt and kill illegal Chinese deer', says Gormley

evening herald By Michael Lavery
Monday September 29 2008

TINY, four-footed Chinese "invaders" are to be shot on sight in Irish forests.The 19-inch-high Muntjac deer have been brought into the country and released illegally into the wild, Department of the Environment officials believe. The non-native species, also known as "barking" deer, pose a threat to the Irish deer populations of Sika, Red and Fallow.The Department's experts say the non-native populations are susceptible to, or may act as a reservoir for, bovine TB, foot and mouth disease, Lyme's disease and bluetongue virus.They also have a reputation for damaging crops.

Sightings The Muntjac have been spotted in Co Wicklow in three separate areas 15km apart and some have already been shot by licenced hunters.Now Environment Minister John Gormley has declared "open season" on the Muntjac for the next 12 months under the Wildlife Act. Native deer species are protected and can only be hunted during very specific parts of the year. But licenced deer hunters will be able to hunt Muntjac throughout the State subject to the permission of the landowner.

"The introduction of the Muntjac deer in Britain has resulted in significant damage to commercial woodland, farm crops and gardens over the years," Mr Gormley said.

"I am of the view that this authorisation ensure that the species does not gain a foothold in the country.

"My Department are examining further measures with a view to eradicating this alien species before it becomes established."

The Muntjac's small size and its liking for woodland habitats together with its extended breeding season, allows it to build up numbers and reach high densities quickly.

The Department warned it is a criminal offence to introduce and release Muntjac deer and Mr Gormley said they would vigorously pursue "any individual introducing invasive species into the State."

- Michael Lavery

Support this bid to strengthen Hunt Act -UK 

-Western Daily Press 3.12.08

Support this bid to strengthen Hunt Act - Hunts claim that the idea of trail hunting is for it to "look, sound and smell" the same as fox-hunting, and this is where the problem lies.

It would be reckless in the extreme for hunters to lay a scent through thick hedges, ditches, dense gorse, small woods, and even through reed beds, and yet these are the very places where hunt monitors see hounds being taken, time and again.

If challenged, hunts claim that is where they have laid their "trail". How can anyone legitimately claim to lay a trail through water? 

However, as there is no recklessness clause (unlike all other Acts), hunts do not have to worry about being reckless so, if a fox is found and killed in these places, hunts are able to claim that it was an accident. 

Hunts also state that unfortunately, on some occasions, foxes are killed by hounds. Yet more recklessness on the part of the hunters: not only are hounds entered into the places where foxes were found before the ban but, four years on from the ban, hounds have not been retrained, otherwise these so-called "accidents" would not happen. So much for "trail-hunting". 

Therefore, Protect Our Wild Animals (POWA) would like to ask readers, who are sickened by the flouting of the law which was meant to protect animals from being hounded to death, to please write to their MPs and urge them to sign John McDonnell's Early Day Motion (EDM 2438 – Hunting With Dogs) which calls for the Hunting Act to be strengthened by adding a recklessness clause. [The EDM has just closed with the end of the parliamentary session with a very satisfactory 53 signatures. A new one may be introduced soon] 

This will make it much easier for the police to enforce the law, and the Hunting Act will work as intended.

Helen Weeks   Protect Our Wild Animals   Somerset


Ferry denies perverting justice

Thursday, December 04, 2008 9:45 AM                                          

Subject: My heart bleeds!!!


Ferry denies perverting justice

Otis Ferry, the son of Roxy Music singer Bryan, has denied two charges of perverting the course of justice.

Mr Ferry, who is master of South Shropshire Hunt, appeared at Gloucester Magistrates' Court to enter his pleas.

The 25-year-old, of Easton Mascot, Shropshire, is alleged to have approached witnesses in relation to another court hearing he is facing.

His bail application was rejected and Mr Ferry was remanded in custody ahead of a trial expected to start in March.

Robbery claim

Judge Picton said it would be "inappropriate" to grant Mr Ferry bail at this stage as investigations were still continuing.

Mr Ferry is alleged to have robbed and assaulted a hunt monitor as she filmed him last year.

He will face these charges and two charges of perverting the course of justice at Gloucester Crown Court on 9 March.

The attack is said to have taken place while Mr Ferry was with the Heythrop Hunt, which covers Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.

The robbery and assault trial failed to start as scheduled in September when the allegations of perverting the course of justice emerged.

Two other men arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice have been granted police bail until 28 January.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2008/12/03 13:25:07 GMT

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Controversial hunts pass off peacefully By Stephen O'Farrell

Saturday December 27 2008. Irish Independent

THE controversial St Stephen's Day hunts passed off peacefully yesterday as protesters stayed away from the major runs around the country.

Hundreds of hunters trailed the scent of the fox at the traditional post-Christmas meetings.

Around 70 people turned out for the Bellewstown, Co Meath, hunt where the fox was given a break and the stag was the subject of the chase instead.

Ward Union Hunt committee member Declan Brooks said the day had been a success: "It was a pleasant day and nothing unusual about it."

The hunts in counties Cork, Kerry and Kildare also passed off without incident.

In Killarney, the Malton Cup for best rider in the Kingdom Hunt was awarded to Helen Barrett from Scartaglin.

Despite the lack of protests at yesterday's meetings, the Association of Hunt Saboteurs still used the day to criticise the Government on its failure to introduce the Animal Welfare Bill with any urgency. It also claimed that the number of people hunting had fallen dramatically this year following their protests in the past.

"Hunt numbers were small with limited numbers of followers compared to previous years a statement said.



See sabbing gallery Page for picture of Tony, our long time friend and campaigner against hunting .

Thank you from all of us in the AOHS and from the hunted animals you tried to help .

Stag escapes from Meath hunters by swimming river 

Wednesday, December 31, 2008 

Stag escapes from Meath hunters by swimming river 


THE WARD Union Hunt said yesterday that its stag hunt in Co Meath passed off successfully with the stag eventually escaping by swimming across the river Boyne.The Ward Union, the only remaining stag hunt in Ireland, has been the subject of much controversy in recent years and has clashed with Minister for the Environment John Gormley over its licence 

The leader of the Green Party has said he is personally opposed to hunting but that, in his role as Minister, he must consider applications for hunting licences.The Ward Union mounted a High Court challenge last February to what it claimed were over-restrictive terms.Yesterday, some 50 huntsmen and huntswomen on horseback, in addition to some Ward Union staff, participated in the chase, accompanied by a pack of hounds.The hunt was monitored by two members from the National Parks and Wildlife Service in addition to a veterinary surgeon. 

The licence under which the hunt operates was granted by Mr Gormley in September. In all there are 34 conditions attached.One stipulation requires the deer to travel for a distance of at least two kilometres, or for a time span of 30 minutes, before the hounds are released.In addition, the deer must not be confronted with the hounds at close quarters.The hunt is required to withdraw to a distance of at least 150m in those instances.At the time, the licence was issued, Mr Gormley said that the conditions were included to protect the stag from undue stress.However, the licence restored the right of the hunt to allow its pack to pick up the scent of the deer.Christy Reynolds, of the Ward Union, said the hunt had been a success and that the stag had escaped by going into the Boyne.He said that the new licensing arrangement was working well.Last year, the union said that onerous conditions attached to the licence, especially in relation to the hounds, made it impossible for it to hunt.That formed the basis of the court case it took last February.

The previous year, in 2006, the hunt caused controversy, and led to calls for a ban, when a stag chased by hounds jumped into a primary school in Kildalkey and scared children.


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Out of control hunt rips pet cat apart. Irish Independent


Tuesday February 24 2009

AN ELDERLY couple watched in horror as a pack of hunting dogs killed their 18-year-old pet cat, writes Eimear Ni Bhraonain. The husband and wife, aged 90 and 77, were terrorised by a pack of out-of-control dogs who ran into their home outside of Moynalty in Co Meath.

Hoppy, who was a treasured three-legged family pet, couldn't escape the hounds and was savaged in the front garden. Rosie Smith Jnr said her parents, who do not wish to be named, are still "traumatised" after the incident, which occurred just after Sunday dinner.

"If my mother's great grand children had been in the house or the garden, they're only tiny tots, they could have killed them. "They idolised this little thing but seeing it get such a death, it's a mighty shock. They're actually traumatised," she said. The family has notified the ISPCA of the killing.

Call for ban on hare and fox hunts

Call for ban on hare and fox hunts

Delegates backed an Ogra Shinn Féin motion calling “for a total ban on all
blood sports, including hare coursing and fox hunting”. Dublin Ógra member
Aine Downes said 30 hares had been killed at recent coursing meetings. The
ardfheis rejected a separate motion from cumainn in Ardfert, Co Kerry, and
Thurles, Co Tipperary, calling delegates to accept that “hare coursing is
not a blood sport, and that it opposes any attempt to ban a popular rural

Gardaí search for valuable dogs snatched from kennels

Gardaí search for valuable dogs snatched from kennels

By Sean O’Riordan
GARDAÍ are searching for seven valuable hunting dogs that they believe were stolen to order from Ireland’s oldest foot beagle club.
The club has appealed for help in finding six bitches and one dog which were taken from a kennel in Glanmire, Co Cork. They were the property of the Riverstown Foot Beagles, which was founded 121 years ago. Club spokesman Noel Lambe said it would probably have taken three people to steal the dogs, which are valued at up to €400 each.
They had to get in over a wall and then put the dogs back out over it. I’d say the culprits did it quickly as the kennel is near a busy road and they had a high risk of being spotted,” he said.
Club members also believe the thieves knew exactly what dogs to steal because “they left behind the nervous ones”. The club has a pack of 31 dogs, which are kept in other kennels in the area. “We have had the kennel in Riverstown for 80 years and nothing like this has ever happened before,” said Mr Lambe. However, there has been a recent spate of dog napping in Munster, with thieves targeting high-value animals which can be easily sold on. “Because of this we have removed the dogs which were in that kennel to a more secure location,” he said.Club members are hoping other sporting organisations will help them find the dogs. They believe the dogs may be in the Limerick area.
“Some of them are distinctive. One of the bitches is pure black, which is unusual for a beagle. Another bitch was lemon and white-coloured and she has a piece missing out of one of her ears,” he said. “It is more than likely they were all sold on together and not split up. We are getting the rest of the beagles marked for security purposes,” he said.

Call for end to bloodsports at the Sinn Féin ardfheis 2009

Delegates backed an Ogra Shinn Féin motion calling “for a total ban on all blood sports, including hare coursing and fox hunting”. Dublin Ógra member Aine Downes said 30 hares had been killed at recent coursing meetings. The ardfheis rejected a separate motion from cumainn in Ardfert, Co Kerry, and Thurles, Co Tipperary, calling delegates to accept that “hare coursing is not a blood sport, and that it opposes any attempt to ban a popular rural sport”.

Full Irish times article:


From The Sunday Times May 31, 2009-  Hunting holidays organised by conservation rangers are under investigation

 Wildlife park staff compromise their position as conservation rangers by organising hunts for foreign tourists

John Mooney

The Department of the Environment has launched an internal investigation into allegations that some conservation rangers are organising shooting holidays for tourists.

The inquiry was ordered after The Sunday Times discovered that rangers employed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) are involved in the organisation of hunting holidays, even though they are prohibited from doing this under the Civil Service Code of Standards and Behaviour.

Mark Byrne, a conservation ranger who patrols the north Galway region, offers deer-stalking holidays and accommodation for foreign clients. He has circulated material which states that he has brought hunters to remote land in Galway to stalk deer at a cost of between €150 and €700 each.

The promotional material, which shows pictures of slain deer, states that a hunting licence is included in the holiday package. Permits are issued by the NPWS, suggesting a possible conflict of interest.

The NPWS has already accused Robert Lundy, an NPWS ranger from Co Sligo, of compromising his position. He is involved in Tubbercurry Gun Club, which organises shooting holidays for foreign tourists.

Last year Lundy attended a meeting between the commercial gun club and members of an Irish deer-shooting syndicate that had acquired the shooting rights to Moy Forest in Co Sligo.

At the meeting Lundy objected to the syndicate’s members hunting on the land which is owned by Coillte, the state forestry agency. In a telephone conversation he had previously said the lands in question were of interest to his operation and that he would use his influence to ensure that the NPWS did not issue hunting licences to a member of the syndicate.

In a May 11 letter to Ahmed Salman, a member of the syndicate, Pat Warner, manager for the NPWS in the northern division, wrote that he wished to “apologise unreservedly” for Lundy’s conduct.

“There was no clear distinction between his role as an NPWS officer and whatever relationship he may have, in his personal capacity, as a member of the gun club. It is totally unacceptable to us in NPWS that a member of our staff would appear in this light,” wrote Warner. “You will understand, I hope, that I cannot give details of any procedure or sanction, but I can assure you that the matter was taken very seriously.”

Salman, a Dublin-based surgeon, said: “Lundy called me after my syndicate leased the deer-shooting rights to the land. He said my deer shooting would pose a safety issue, but then said we would be interfering with a commercial shoot for woodcock that he was operating on the same lands. He threatened to block my deer hunting licence and told me that he was the local wildlife ranger.”

Documents obtained by The Sunday Times show that Lundy acts as a contact point for foreign tourists who wish to shoot woodcock and snipe in Ireland. The tours are arranged through Orchape, a French tour operator. It gives Lundy’s name as the contact for tourist shooting in the northwest.

Des Crofton, chief executive of the National Association of Regional Game Clubs (NARGC), which represents 28,000 Irish hunters, said his organisation was aware that some wildlife rangers have been engaged in commercial hunting activities and had complained to the NPWS.

“We have passed information on this matter to the NPWS and we expect nothing less than a thorough investigation followed by appropriate action,” said Crofton.

He accused John Gormley, the environment minister, of failing to regulate commercial hunting in Ireland. “There are sections of the 2000 Wildlife Act that would require those involved in deriving financial gain from commercial hunting to obtain a licence. Unfortunately, almost nine years after its enactment by the Oireachtas, the relevant section of the act remains on the shelf.”

A spokesman for Gormley said the department was aware of allegations that involvement in commercial shooting by one or two NPWS staff gave rise to a conflict of interest.

“The department would have serious concerns about any activities of any staff which would constitute a conflict of interest or which would otherwise fall outside the requirements of the Civil Service Code of Standards and Behaviour,” he said.

Lundy did not wish to comment. Calls to Byrne went unanswered.

THE SECRET KENNELS.....what will we find there?


The long awaited Puppy farming Bill that is being added to our Irish animal protection legislation is a much-needed and vital piece of legislation. We have all seen the results of the  SPCA raids on dog breeding farms throughout Ireland. Dogs living in horrendous conditions in their own excrement with improper nourishment , housing and no veterinary care. So many having to be euthanized , their suffering so severe.

What person in their right mind would object to allowing Gardai and animal protection groups more access and powers to punish the offenders who perpetrate crimes against defenceless pups and dogs. Surely accountability is required to protect these vulnerable animals.

That said I cannot understand why Fox, Hare and Beagle hunts around the country are throwing red-faced fits at the mention of this Bill. They have already been given a fee exemption, although I do not see why?

 For those who are unfamiliar with hunting. Hounds are bred and kept by every hunt in the country for the purpose of entertainment and for use in hunting. Let us be clear here, hunting is -in hunters words, tradition, fun and their god-given  right to enjoy. The dogs are kept at each hunts kennels in groups. Many hunts would have over a hundred dogs, measured in couples. These dogs are sometimes bred from dogs drafted in from foreign packs  and apparently sold or passed  to and among other hunts.

So back to my point, why is there such panic and clear opposition to the bill which would allow Department of Agriculture officials to check out any breeding kennels in the country. Why is the Hunting Association of Ireland bellowing on radio about the injustice of including hunt kennels in the legislation. What is the problem here?

Why should the arrogant hunting fraternity be exempt from being inspected? Considering their pastime is chasing, disembowelling and killing other animals  ,are they not perfect candidates on this account. Just their attitude alone is definitely raising my suspicions, think about it.

Coursing demo at Clonmel. 2010 3rd Feb.


THE Bus for Clonmel will be waiting at the HUGH LANE GALLERY on

 WEDNESDAY 3r FEB at 8.45 am.

DEMO is 12 to 2pm so we will probably have a cuppa then and hopefully be back in Dublin before 6pm.

Bring some food for the trip and any banners/megaphones /whatever you wish.













                                 TIME 12.30 until 2pm




‘Hares are still getting injured during this cruel event, also the real cruelty is in the netting and confinement of these gentle creatures. Injured GREYHOUNDS are also a disposable commodity to COURSING  people when they get injured .


 The cloth cap brigade have blood on their hands, this spectacle is archaic and outdated.’




  This event is being co- organised jointly by Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports CACS  and AOHS, The Association of Hunt Saboteurs.


Bernie Wright,

 Press Officer, AOHS    Ph 087 2651720


John Tierney,

Campaigns , AOHS. Ph. 087 9413190


John Fitzgerald , CACS

Founder CACS  Ph. 056 7725543 or 0863271179


*  Powerstown Park Ltd, Davis Road, Clonmel, Co Tipperary Ireland .

        Ph: 052-22611   Fax: 052 26446



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